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The ability to resist force without breaking
or being damaged



The ability to move freely with greater range of movement



The ability to bend without breaking

Jemima offers personalized Mobility Fitness  and Yoga programs for individuals and groups via Online, Studio based or at your chosen Venue.
We are based in London, UK!

Read what people are saying about Jemima Ratnam

I have been going to Jem’s willpower & grace and yoga classes for a number of years and love the discipline and spiritual wisdom that she brings to her teaching.  Thanks to Jem’s encouragement and challenge, I have stretched beyond what I thought I was capable of and improved not only my physical strength and flexibility but also my mental focus and

Jane Eames – Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator 

I’ve attended Jemima’s body combat, heat and punch classes and the classes are full of energy and passion. Her ability to connect with us (club members) and her talent at teaching simple basics, as well as more advanced techniques, are both superior. Her charisma, professionalism and passion fills the class with energy and she forces me to believe I can do more than I did few min ago or the previous class I attended. She made me realize it’s not about perfection at every single class I attend it’s about being the best I can be. Many thanks for your amazing classes, you are really & truly missed at VA!

Galiya Borombayeva, Accountant

I have been going to the gym for the last 20 years and Jemima Ratnam is the best gym instructor I have ever had.

Jem is full of energy, cares about others, has perfect technics and always put the bar extremely high for herself. People fight to get booked to her classes. You need to book her class at least one week in advance if you want to secure your place (Note: the app doesn’t allow you to book anytime earlier than 1 week in advance…)

She is a real source of inspiration, she knows how to motivate and encourage people to give the best of themselves.

I highly recommend Jem! She is the best!

Lucie Nguyen, Founder&CEO

I’ve been attending Jemima’s classes regularly for over a year now – BodyCombat, Punch and Heat. Jemima is always prepared and delivers excellently, from introducing and refining techniques, guidance and coaching, queuing and flow to motivation and challenging according to my fitness level. All combined with a great mix of fun, lightness and also strict advice when appropriate. I’ve become significantly better in my technique, overall fitness level and shape. Without exaggeration, Jemima has a huge impact on my fitness and health. Thanks a lot!

Dr Michael Kirchhof Founder and General Manager “Don’t hide behind complexity!”

“I joined Jem’s combat class 5 years ago. The class has always been a favorite simply because Jem delivers both physical and mental energy that is a very empowering and much-needed balance to my busy life. She takes an incredible interest in each participant’s technical development and mental focus. Her classes are empowering and certainly, she is one individual with that extra special skill to lead rather than just deliver a ‘class’. Professional teaching and coaching Attentive to everyone in the class Powerful motivator Always pushing me to challenge myself. Positive and rewarding classes each and every time An extremely gifted and talented instructor who just has the expertise, knowledge and charm/ charisma to enable you to do your best and feel great about i .”


I first attended Jem’s Willpower class by accident (my original class was canceled).

What a lucky accident that was! I became a convert quickly, attended Willpower regularly for a few years and enjoyed every bit of it. It is demanding but also very rewarding. It builds your physical strength and stamina, as well as your mental strength.

Jem is a great teacher and a great person. She gives a lot of advice regarding techniques and helps you to become better in every step of your journey. Focusing not only on physical exercise but also adding a bit of spiritual practice along the way was an added bonus for me 😊

Thank you, Jem!

Tatiana Solowjowa, Project Analyst

I’ve been training for almost one year now, and she is one of the most experienced and committed trainers I worked with. I met her through my previous fitness club and I loved her classes Body combat. When I decided to go with a PT, she was my first choice. Jemima is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging. With her, I improved my ability to complete more and to push myself harder throughout each session. She really focus on my technique to avoid any injuries and my sessions are always full of variety, fun and enjoyable. I recommend Jemima for her professionalism and her passion.

Maithee POGU

I love Jem’s yoga classes and look forward to them more than any other. I have practiced a variety of different types of yoga over the years but I always come back to Jem’s thoughtful, calming hatha teaching. Jem has a way of explaining things so beautifully and finding depth and challenge in apparently straightforward postures, but always with great simplicity.  Of all the teachers I have worked with over the past fifteen years, Jim is my favourite. She has a real talent for encouraging us to develop and challenge ourselves, yet we always end the practice feeling more rested and calm than we began. Thank you Jem.

Jane Upperton, Yoga student @ Virgin Active, West Lon

I started Yoga well into my 50’s, feeling somewhat stiff and inflexible; unsure whether this was a good idea…  Jemima opened up a whole realm of possibilities, allowing me to focus the mind in order to let the body go.
Every class offers a positive and rewarding challenge.  I go home feeling calm yet energised.

Patricia Student

Jemima creates a calming atmosphere in her yoga class that is all inspiring and rejuvenating. Her voice, her clear instructions of every posture, encourage me to push myself to the next level

Farah Durrani
I have been doing yoga with Jem for many years.
She is devoted, caring, enthusiastic and highly professional.
Her lessons are so beneficial to my whole wellbeing that I try never to miss them. She is firm but fair.
Not only is she a fantastic yoga teacher but also a great human being.
Thank you Jem!
Lilly, Yoga student @ Virgin Active, West Lon

I found WillPower classes very different from anything else I’ve tried. It’s a full-body discipline which trains your body and mind to be stronger, resilient and graceful at the same time! Jem is an extraordinary teacher who will put lots of efforts in enriching classes with additional inputs from her experience in other disciplines, including teachings for the soul and the body.
Her classes are a beautiful and harmonious exercise that recharge your body and mind and makes you looking forward for the next one! This class is perfect if you are ready to push yourself, if you want learn to control your mind to overcome your limits and if you love rhythm and music. You will feel like a beautiful and powerful dancer after every class!

Alessia Capula, Business Consultant.

willPower is absolutely my favourite full body method/ workout. I fell in love with it since the very first day I tried it. It truly allows me to fully engage my body and mind and I got to reach results that I wouldn’t have imagined possible. I increased my balance, strength and resistance. It makes my full body REALLY work, it’s intense, hard work but graceful at the same time and absolutely invigorating and fun. I love exercising barefoot as it gives me awareness and control of my body. I absolutely recommend it to anyone that would like to try something different and empowering.

Tatiana Deiana

Jemima is an extraordinary trainer. She is very professional and dedicated when teaching and she pushed me to reach my apex and personal best. She is motivating and encouraging: I would advise Jem to anyone who wants to train and become mentally and physically stronger. She is fantastic!

Paola Pamayi , Account Manager